Ashes to Dashes

Four years ago on February 21st I lost my brother to both his cancer and a fire where his lungs could not survive the smoke. I’ve tried to find a way to memorialize him with making the fire damaged home into a homeless shelter, the public didn’t want that “in their back yard”, and now I’d like to create a place of peace. Somewhere to go to spend time to grieve, to unlock your tears, to find inspiration from others or spend time in the yard that he loved. This Kickstarter will do just that, kick start getting this house back up to speed, to share with others and be a place of comfort and joy once again. If 5000 people give just $5 the goal will be met and within a year this home will be a home again. Take the time to watch the video, please, and donate if you can if not spread the word to others. Take care.


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