Funding the Dream

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wake up and realize that a lot of life has passed you by? I’ve had many dreams in my life. I lived in a 1902 school where we renovated a floor of a four-story building to live in, I’ve owned three or four businesses that sadly all failed, I’ve moved, and I’ve moved, over and over again hoping the next move would be my last. I’m now looking to move one last time, to fund the dream of a hobby farm, with outbuilding cabins for friends and family to come visit. Buy, I’m out of gas, out of steam, out of energy. I’ve been in a spiral for about four years now, a life event sent me into this spin that I’ve yet to recover from. This past fall, September 2022 I had a health scare that took me from the mountain top of income to the ground floor so to speak, from $90,000 a year to $30,000. I’ll bounce back, it’ll take a hot minute to do so, but I will. For now, though I need, need to keep dreaming, to focus on what I want and need, and that’s a final home of my own.

Part of the final home thought process is I’d love to have a tiny hobby farm, I’ll be 54 soon and my future life is truly a mystery to me. I have found additional work, I’ll work my way back up, slowly, because it was the quickly that nearly killed me. I want bantam chickens, small goats, a tiny horse; well, you get the idea. To start it off I need a place that I own where I can do what I want. I’m currently renting and freezing as it’s an old house with leaky windows, and oil heat that cost me thousands over the winter, and living alone can be boring at times. I feel animals would keep me occupied until life changes. Blogging today isn’t working for me, check our my fundraising if you get a chance:

Take care.


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