Rebooting a Routine

I’ve been blessed to get what I’ve said I’ve wanted for 15 years; I work 100% from home. I teach for two online universities, (both have some on-campus classes but I’m remote), and I’m a supervisor of a division of a non-profit organization supervising two to three employees. Everything must be great right? It’s only been a little over two weeks as the supervisor and I’ve already started to adjust to the additional duties and have found some ways to make the position more efficient and cost-effective. As you can imagine having the responsibility of three jobs can be stressful and that’s why I’ve had to come up with a new routine.

Part of my new routine is what you’re witnessing here, a daily blog of some sort to talk about what’s currently on my mind, a past event, or simply to rant about life. Another part of my new routine is that I start working the minute I pour my coffee. I talk to my girlfriend briefly, (we are in a long-distance relationship), and then I’m off and running. I also try to do a morning brief podcast and soon I’ll be using a motivational journal as a daily inspiration for writing. With the weather starting to warm up I may include a long walk in the morning or evening to help balance out my days as well. That’s all for today, thanks.


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