Slowing down time


One of my biggest pet peeves is wasting time because time is something you can never get back. Sometimes it’s a meeting that’s presenting material that’s been gone over before, a bad movie, a party that you feel obligated to go to; they all can take away time from what you want to do. We all complain that there’s not enough time to get everything done but maybe it’s because we aren’t trying to get everything done? I’m currently attempting to add a regular exercise routine to my already busy weeks. My solution is to go to a gym that’s open 24/7; that won’t work for everyone. There are 24 hours in a day. Let’s say you sleep for seven, work for eight, that’s 15, an evening meal, that between prep and cleanup is two hours, put the kids to bed, do laundry, take a long relaxing bath, (just kidding), shovel or another chore; another two hours; this leaves five hours of time. For argument’s sake we will toss two of those hours for your personal care and work with the three remaining hours.

Are you’re a night owl or an early bird? When my house was full I liked to get up before everyone to have that half hour of peace and quiet; and I still get up early to spend some quality time with my cup of coffee. I’ve never been a night owl but if you are there may be that glorious hour after everyone has gone to bed for you to use for your “me” time. Sadly, a large portion of individuals will break out their screens, either a phone, computer, or tablet and browse social media or look for that program they saved that they can’t watch when it originally airs. I’m one of them. I hit up my Hulu and watch my dramas like This is Us or something truly just for noise like America’s Got Talent the Champions, and then wonder why there’s not enough “me” time; so here’s what I’ve done, (these suggestions are for demonstration purpose only, no one needs to follow these but me).

For the gym during the weekdays, (these suggestions are for the weekdays, weekends are a whole different story), I set a timer. It’s kind of like in Crossfit where you have a workout for the day, WOD, but less challenging. My cardio is about 30 minutes then I set a timer for 20 minutes when that goes off, I’m done; by the time I get home there’s my one free hour. Did you know you can pause your shows? I watch my shows while eating, or cleaning; that way I’m getting one thing done while “wasting” time watching television. I talked to someone recently who said they didn’t have a television; I’m still processing that. That’s two hours. With my one hour left I should do something creative but I don’t, I work on my grading for my second job; which does truly make you feel like you don’t have enough time. Lastly, use your phone for other reminders other than a timer; set reminders, or get an app that gives you daily quotes like, “I matter” and “Good things are going to come to me”.

The best thing you can do if you feel you are wasting too much precious time is to sit down and look at your day to day life. For me it was watching Sportscenter for 30 minutes a day; I’m canceling the app that allows that and I’ve replaced it with staring into space with my coffee cup in my hand. I’ve wasted enough of your time, until next time remember; slow down and smell the coffee.


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