No, You’re Obese

I have a fascination with watching fitness shows like The Biggest Loser. I’m not a cruel person who watches to just see people struggle, I watch because 40% of the American public is considered obese. I’m obese by my BMI at 25 pounds overweight, I work out, I eat fairly well, but yet I carry an extra 25 -30 pounds, (and no I doubt that it’s my muscle mass). I’ve recently gone back to a mostly plant based diet and a typical day will consist of oatmeal with berries or peanut butter in it, lunch is practically nonexistent, (a banana or two), and dinner is a Vegan meal from the health section and or a pasta dish, without meat. I know you’re reading this going “why” and that’s “boring” and it is boring at times but I eat to live and not live to eat; or at least that’s my goal and I’ve failed many times. The “why” part is based off of reading The China Study that with thousands of examples has shown that a vegan diet eliminates all non-genetic heart disease and severely reduces the chances of colon cancer. I have genetically high cholesterol and it will always hover over 200 but with a plant based diet it won’t get higher. I’m sure I have some issues in my arteries because I’ve only been a healthy eater-ish for about three years but at 50 I don’t feel it’s too late to start; but why are we so fat?

I stop at the gas station every morning for coffee and bananas, (two for a dollar and yes it would be cheaper to buy but they rot at home). At that gas station there’s a hot food section with breakfast pizzas, this sandwich and that rollup. There’s bakery and every conceivable type of snack around; that doesn’t take will power that takes won’t power. If you’ve ever gone through a drive-thru you know a burger is much cheaper than a salad. Cheap ice cream cones, mini pies, etc., it’s all out there and there isn’t an easy answer, but there are answers to lower your weight and increase your health.

Eat less and exercise more. That’s the diet, no matter what you eat if you want to lose weight that’s the formula, not this pill or take away this or add that; simply eat less and exercise more. I’m a busy guy and only get to the gym two to three times a week, but that’s two to three times more then someone who doesn’t. I get my coffee from a gas station verses the drive-thru even though it’s more expensive because I can resist the gas station food but for some reason the dollar menu calls to me.  You don’t have to eat a plant based diet to lose weight it’s all about calories in and calories out. Every 3500 calories is a pound, thus why the fasting craze is happening, people would rather not eat for a day or two then eat less. Not everyone can exercise at a high rate but everyone can do something from curling soup cans to a walk around the block. If you can crawl, start crawling. I’m writing this primarily to vent about the gas stations food selection and how hard it makes it for me but also to say that at 195 pounds I’m considered obese. but with a bulky hoodie on it doesn’t show, but it’s there, that dad bod is hiding and I want it gone.


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