Dreaming of Green Acres

I find it a bit amusing that the last time I wrote anything on here was in March of 2020, you know, when the world ended as we know it. My daughter got sent home from college, I was living in a crappy one color apartment, (every wall was painted antique white), and I was just getting let go from a job I didn’t believe in; what a year.

Now almost a year later I’ve moved into a renovation, the fire house/project house, and as it nears the 7th or 8th year since the fire, it’s time to move on again. I found a farm that I want to pursue. The goal is to have a “tiny farm”, as in little chickens, ducks, pygmy goats, a pony, well two, they need each other. I want a berry field or three, basically strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. I’d like to stock the pond with fish, trout if it’s a good water pond, (spring fed), and lastly I want, well need, my pumpkin patch.

I want a pumpkin patch that will allow the Great Pumpkin to come to my yard and bless me, okay I’m not nuts, but I’ve been trying to grow pumpkins for 35 years and have only produced one. There’s other things I’d like to grow too, things I’d actually eat. I get 23 days a year off and want to use them to enjoy life. Less tv, less noise, and more campfires.

I do a walk through of the farm tonight. The house itself is homeless person livable, I believe the heat and electric work, plumbing, (well and septic), and is solid. It’s just really old and ugly and in need of a facelift. It’s just me now, I have someone I’m seeing but I doubt living together is in the cards, specifically if I’m out in the “boonies”. The drive to work would be a bit much, 35 minutes or so one way. My oldest may move away and then I wouldn’t need to drive her anymore, that saves me five to ten minutes. I truly want to sit outside and night and hear crickets, not cars. The barn is beautiful, the sauna is probably racoon infested, but I’ll find out. I’ll never be “happy” as my depression has me tight, but I’d sure like to try to live the life of peace and quiet and to have a place where once the grandchildren start rolling in, that they’ll enjoy. The Foreman Tiny Farm sounds good to me.


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